Living in Schaumburg, IL: Population, Cost of Living, Weather, Things to Do & More
4 Mar

Living in Schaumburg, IL: Population, Cost of Living, Weather, Things to Do & More

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ULTIMATE Living in Schaumburg, IL Guide

Schaumburg is a Chicago suburb located in Cook county. Schaumburg, Il has a population of 74,194 according to DataUSA. If you are considering moving here, you’ve chosen wisely. Schaumburg is one of the best places to live in Illinois. Schaumburg is a large suburb with 18 neighborhoods! Not only is the community diverse, but Schaumburg also offers affordable living at a convenient package. The education, safety, and economic performance make this town a great place to start a family.

Population & Demographics of Schaumburg, IL

Schaumburg, IL is an ethnically diverse community where 30.89 percent of households have children. The median household income is more than $83,096. That’s more than the national average.

Eighty-five percent of residents own their homes. The median home value is $309,900 – more than the national average of $291,700.

More than 90 percent of Schaumburg, IL residents above 25 have either graduated high school or completed their Graduate Equivalency Degree. The community’s median age is 38.5. More than 68.43 percent of citizens are U.S.-born.

Schaumburg , IL is also a very safe place to live. Schaumburg’s crime rate is 1.9 smaller than the U.S. Average. You have a 1 in 1009 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime.

Cost of Living in Schaumburg, IL

If you’re thinking about moving to this Chicago Suburb, you might be wondering about its cost of living. Schaumburg, IL is 29 percent more expensive than the national average, slightly higher than the rest of Schaumburg, IL, but in line with Illinois’ average cost of living, not considering the lower costs of living in rural Illinois. Health and grocery costs are the major variables that impact the cost of living.

Weather in Schaumburg, IL

Schaumburg has your typical midwest weather. The summers are warm and humid, and the winters are cold and freezin. Schaumburg has a significant precipitation rate of 121.4 days a year, over the United State’s average of 106.2 days. Temperatures range from a high of over 90 degrees in July to a low of -7 in January. Schaumburg’s 8.8 Comfort Index score (on a scale of 10) indicates the community is more comfortable than most in Illinois.

Things to do in Schaumburg, IL

Woodfield Mall

Woodfield mall is one of the biggest reasons people visit Schaumburg, IL. The mall is the largest shopping center in Illinois, with over 2,150,557 square feet of total retail floor area. The shopping center started construction in July 1969 and opened on September 9th, 1971. The mall attracts more than 27 million visitors each year. 

5 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL 60173

The atrium of Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL

Spring Valley

Looking for some nature & wildlife areas? Spring Valley is over 100 acres of wetlands, prairies, and Volkening Farm. Spring Valley is home to many critter and a great place to get some fresh air! Perfect family fun for the whole family.

Volkening Farm in Spring Valley, Illinois


Yu’s Mandarine

Yu’s Mandarin is the hot spot for Mandarin cuisine. Yu’s, aims to provide you with an authentic Chinese dining experience. Visit them for unforgettable traditional and modern-creative Chinese cuisine prepared impeccably by experienced chefs and served by a highly trained staff.

Pilot Petes
Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff! Pilot Petes is an aviation-themed eatery with a variety of made-to-order meals fun for the whole family!

Get a great view of the Schaumburg Airport runway as airplanes and other aircraft take flight!

Schaumburg, IL Map
Check out what Schaumburg has to offer by looking at the map below:

Statistics & Jobs in Schaumburg, IL

Nearly 12.5 percent of the city’s jobs are part of the management Occupations industry. Computer and office support jobs comprise significant segments of the local workforce, as well. The top-paying occupations are found in legal operations ($97,000-plus per year) and Computer & Mathematical Occupations ($93,000-plus per year). The top industries in Schaumburg include, Health Care & Social Assistance, Manufacturing, Professional, Scientific, Technical Services, Retail, and Finance.

Schools in Schaumburg, IL

Serving more than 15,000 students from birth through eight grade, School District 54 has received 9 Blue Ribbon Awards from the U.S. Department of Education. SD54 has over 2000 employees that are dedicated to your student’s success. Click here to visit

Pros & Cons of Living in Schaumburg, IL

Pro: Great education

Con: High cost of living

Pro: Diverse community

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