7 Steps to prepare for your local move
17 Feb

7 Steps to prepare for your local move

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Local moving process overview

Trying to wrap your head around what you need to do to take everything you own and move it from one home to another miles away from each other can be a daunting task. This is where Mighty Moving steps in. Our heroic team of relocation experts are here to help. We’ll make something that is super hard, super easy. Here is a good place to start.

  1. Get Ready.. Save time and money by selling, donating or throwing away items that you don’t want any more.
  2. Select Mighty Moving as your “mover near me”.
  3. Have a Mighty Mover conduct an in-home or virtual estimate.
  4. Obtain packing supplies (boxes – bubble wrap – dish packs – wardrobe boxes)
  5. Fill out a change of address with the post office. Change all of your utilities too. Use a service like updater.com to get you going!
  6. Get organized! Know what is going to where. Sometimes you may be moving to a dramatically different sized home. Know where everything will go so the hourly movers aren’t waiting for instructions
  7. Confirm your move three days ahead of time with your Move Hero.

Once you select Mighty Moving, we’ll take you through the entire process, one step at a time.

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