The Mighty Moving Process

Mighty Moving's main goal is to make moving as easy as possible. That's why our super movers are trained for any type of relocation situation. Additionally, not only is our team trained, they are licensed and insured to ensure that we got your back, no matter what happens. Our team also includes a full customer service team that knows the value of communication during your move.

Where to Start?

In 6 steps

1. Call us or let us call you


You can call us during business hours, or you can leave your information… Here.


Once we have your information, one of our super movers will reach out and discuss all the options available for your move. Our team ready to answer any questions and concerns you have in regards to the moving process. We offer the most competitive rates in the Chicagoland area, feel free to compare quotes to better fit your budget.


2. Moving Supplies and Equipment


After discussing your relocation, we create a list of supplies you might need. These supplies include protection like floor matts and furniture covers, and equipment, such as moving trucks, dollies, straps, tape and more! Because we value protection, we only use the top of the line boxes to ensure protection through out your move.


3. Tips for Moving with Kids


Get the kids involved. Make it their responsibility to get their rooms ready for the move. Offer them help, a move might be tough on you, imagine how your kids might feel. Your kids might be losing friends and might be overwhelmed with the thought of making new friends. For anxious kids, make sure they have their favorite snacks at reach and something to keep them entertained.


4. Before Moving Day


Be prepared the day before. Make sure all your belongings are labeled and inventoried to understand where everything is and where they are going. At Mighty Moving, our representatives will help you create this list, every step of the way. Don’t forget to prepare everything you’re taking your self. Make sure your car is serviced and ready for the road. Are you utilities set up at your new home?


5. During Moving Day


One of our move managers will arrive on time to help you plan the day out. He’ll give you an idea of what will happen during the move and will answer any questions you have. The move manager will then instruct your moving crew to take action and get ready for transport. One we get to your destination, we will unload and unpack to your liking.


6. After Unloading with Mighty


After we unpack and unload, your move manager will ask if you need help with anything else before they leave. Once the move is finished, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. We’ll also send you a customer survey to help us improve any services we have. We move because of you, we want to know if there’s anything else we can do to improve out moving process.


Are you looking to move outside of Chicago? Visit our Nationwide partners here!

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