How Much Do Local Movers in Chicago Cost?
5 Nov

How Much Do Local Movers in Chicago Cost?

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When planning a local move in Chicago, of course it’s important to stay within your budget. But what should that budget be? Every local moving company will have their own pricing standards, so it might be hard to estimate how much your move will cost since there is no standard price. However, there are a few things during a move that will cost more than other things, generally speaking. We hope the following information gives you a better idea of how much it costs to use movers for your local move in Chicago.

Timing is Everything

As you plan for your local move, consider the time of year you want to (or have to) move. Many people in Chicago prefer to move between mid-May and the end of September to avoid the cold, snowy winters. That means if you move during the peak season, your move is likely to be more expensive than if you move at other times of the year. Anyone who’s ever planned a vacation can tell you that prices go up when there’s more demand, and in the summer months, demand is high. If you are looking to cut costs for your local move when using movers, consider moving in less-desirable times, such as the winter or early spring.

Less is Best!

We probably don’t have to tell you that it’s going to cost more to move three bedrooms than two, and that’s because move loads are often based on weight. The more things that your movers are hauling on the moving truck, the more it will cost you. But the great news is that moving is a great time to get rid of things you don’t need! Consider what you won’t need anymore or what you might want to buy once you get to your new home. Here are a couple of ideas to help lighten your load:

Your Mileage May Vary

The cost of local moving companies will depend on how far you are moving. For example, if you’re moving from Naperville to Arlington Heights (32 miles), it’s going to cost more in time and gas than it would if you’d move to Wheaton instead (10.3 miles from Naperville). Also consider that the further the move, the more likely it is that there will be delays along the way—like from construction, roadworks, traffic etc.

Protect your belongings

Even if your belongings are carefully packed and best efforts are made to avoid risks, loss or damage to your belongings could still occur during the move. All moving companies in the state of Illinois are legally required to provide Carrier Liability. This provides basic protection of your household belongings at a rate based on 30 cents per pound, per article. However, if you have valuable or expensive household items, you should add Declared Valuation—this is an extra cost that you pay for.

Average Moving Cost in Chicago

In actual numbers, local movers in Chicago costs about $2,000 on up, depending on all the factors we listed above. This is for using a full service moving company with a four-person moving crew for a 3-bedroom home, which includes all your interactions with the professional moving company from planning your move to unloading at your new home.

Where Can I Find A Local Mover in Chicago?

We know this is a lot of information to take in, but taking your first steps in planning your move in Chicago is easy! Contact us for your free moving quote. Our team will take you through what you can expect with your move and alleviate any moving anxiety you may have.

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