How Much To Tip Local Movers
13 Jan

How Much To Tip Local Movers

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Are you all packed up and ready for your move? If you’ve hired a local moving company, you might be wondering if you should tip movers. And if so, how much should you tip movers?

Most moving companies will provide a moving estimate that includes things like man hours, gas and transportation charges and packing supply pricing. Gratuity is unlikely to be included in the estimate so it can be unclear whether tipping is required. Although there is no industry standard for tipping movers, most moving companies will allow tipping. Moreover, it is generally considered to be proper etiquette and a nice gesture to show your appreciation, especially if the moving crew has done a good job.

Determining how much to tip movers can be tricky so we’ve provided some general guidelines and things for you to consider when deciding what to do about a gratuity for movers.

How much to tip local movers

We usually hear the going rate for tipping a local move is 15% of the total bill from exceptionally pleased customers. Other customers may prefer to calculate a tip based on the time that the movers spent on the job, rather than taking a percentage of the total moving cost. Depending on the move, this is typically $10 to $20 per hour per mover (including the driver). But ultimately, how much you tip is your choice.

Factors to consider on how much to tip

We have provided a general range for tipping movers, but how do you decide on an exact amount? Obviously, if you feel that you’ve received good service then the larger the gratuity. Here are some other key factors to consider that might influence how much you tip:

How difficult was the move?

Consider the complexity of the move. Did your movers encounter stairways or tight hallways? Did they need to maneuver big or fragile pieces of furniture through challenging spaces? For example, a piano or pool table. Was there a situation during your move that was difficult and ultimately resolved? Moving heavy appliances and furniture on a hot summer day might also warrant a tip at the higher end of the range. The more specific your requests, the more you might consider tipping your moving crew.

Did the movers do a great job?

Think about how the moving day went. Did your movers arrive on time? Were they considerate, personable and efficient? Did they handle your possessions with care and provide extra padding to protect fragile, valuable and sentimental items? Did they go above and beyond such as helping you set up and assemble certain furniture? If you can answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions, or if you were impressed with the quality of service, then consider giving a generous tip to show your gratitude.

How to tip movers

Some moving companies may have gratuity policies or specific guidelines for your (or the workers’) protection, so make sure to check this before tipping your movers. You can usually find these details in your moving contract, the moving company’s website, or simply ask the moving company ahead of time.

There are two simple ways to tip your movers and it’s really up to you on how you want to handle it. You could tip each mover individually, or simply give the total tip to the foreman for the moving job.

No matter how you decide to tip, a cash tip is usually the most welcomed form. If you are tipping the foreman, it will also allow them to easily split and distribute the tip among the workers.

Tipping movers with food

Whether or not you decide to tip, providing refreshments to your movers is a nice thing to do and a great way to show your appreciation for their service. 

You’ll want to make sure the drink is appropriate for the weather. For example, coffee or cocoa for cold days, and bottled water or soda for warmer days. Snacks such as fruit, muesli bars, cookies and chips are great options for short or half-day moves. If your move runs over lunchtime, you could offer your moving crew lunch. Pizzas, burgers and sandwiches are easy lunch options since it’s relatively inexpensive and most people enjoy it.

One thing to note is to only offer non-alcoholic beverages to movers. Your movers will be driving a large commercial moving truck and handling your precious possessions, so you want them to be as sharp as possible to avoid any accidents or injuries.

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