Switching Schools in Chicago After A Move
8 Nov

Switching Schools in Chicago After A Move

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Moving can be a long, involved process consisting of many steps. Although you may be familiar with the usual requirements of the moving process, including the hiring of a reputable moving company like Mighty Moving to safely and affordably transport your personal items, there can be additional concerns for parents, especially when moving children out of one Chicago school district and into another.

Most students are assigned to public schools based on zoning, which means that when you move districts, your children will generally be allowed to register for free at specific public schools based upon your new zip code or address. Alternatively, some parents choose to enroll their children in local private schools, which accept students on the basis of priority and usually charge annual tuition for accepted students.

According to Chicago Public Schools, there are 635 public schools in Chicago and 366 private schools (according to Private School Review). So no matter which option you choose for your kids, it is best to research the educational options available to your children prior to moving. 

Once you have decided what kind of school your child will attend, it is important to move forward with the registration process in a timely manner. At this point, you may be asking yourself, “what do I need to register my kid for school?”.

Registering for a New School After Moving in Chicago

The registration process for public schools differs based upon the state and school district. To register to a public school in Chicago, you will need to follow the rules and regulations according to Chicago Public Schools which requires the following documents for student enrollment:

  • Proof of child’s age
  • Proof of current Chicago address 
  • Health forms, including physical examination, immunization, and dental

Starting at a New School

Once you have registered your child at the new school, the process of enrollment and settling in begins. This process could be difficult for a student so it is important that you encourage your child during this transitional process. Discuss the new school with positive terminology, make sure they have the appropriate school supplies, and help them adjust to the realities of making new friends by encouraging them to socialize with their peers.

Helping Children Cope with Moving

There are several strategies to consider when helping your child adjust to a new school. Firstly, you should acknowledge the difficulties of moving and transitioning to a new routine. It is important to acknowledge difficulties, while also remaining positive about the possibilities associated with the move. Make sure to keep an open dialogue with your child by encouraging them to come to you or their teachers with any problems during the transition process. 

You should also try to spend quality time with your child during the transitional period, and you want to make sure you maintain old routines as much as possible and encourage your child’s engagement in hobbies. Changing to a different school in the same city means that it is still possible to see their old friends. Help your child maintain bonds with their old friends and peers from their previous school by scheduling in catch-ups or play dates on the weekends; this will make the transition more gradual and easier for your child to adapt to the new environment.

Get Professional Help

Moving is typically a very stressful time. Moving with children creates an extra layer of stress and challenges to tackle, such as finding a new school that will be suitable for your children. Hiring a professional mover will help to alleviate the added stress and make the moving process smoother so that you can look forward to the move. If you are looking for a trusted moving company in Chicago, contact Mighty Moving to find out how we can help with your local move. Contact us on 855-699-8999 or get a free moving quote online!

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