Why You Should Use Local Piano Movers
28 Dec

Why You Should Use Local Piano Movers

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A piano is undoubtedly one of the most expensive pieces of furniture that you could own in a home. Not only are pianos heavy, they are also complicated and fragile instruments. If you’re relocating and own a piano, you will need a lot of careful planning and manpower to ensure your piano is safely transported to the new home. For many piano-owners, this might be enough reason for them to sell or give away the piano instead. But there is no need to go to that extreme if you hire professional piano movers.

Moving a piano is a tricky undertaking. It is not an easy task for those without experience. Luckily, most Chicago moving companies know that moving a piano requires an experienced moving crew and specialized equipment to securely move pianos. Read on as we look at why you should consider hiring the best Chicago piano movers.

Why do I need to hire a piano mover?

Here are three key reasons why you should always hire a professional piano mover. 

Avoid injury and damage

Pianos are heavy, awkwardly shaped, and come in different sizes and shapes. They are not an easy object to move, particularly if stairs are involved. You are much more likely to injure yourself or damage the piano if you try moving the piano by yourself. Hiring a professional piano mover will help to minimize these risks. They will provide the necessary manpower, proper equipment and use correct piano moving techniques to ensure the piano and moving crew remain unharmed during the process. 

Saves you money

It may seem like you would save money by not hiring a professional piano mover. However, if you damage the piano during the move, it may end up costing you more to repair the damages than compared to hiring a piano moving company. Using an experienced piano mover will drastically minimize the risk of damage to the instrument.

Saves you time

Moving a piano from one place to another is a time-consuming process, especially if it involves tight spaces and staircases. If you hire a professional piano mover, you won’t need to ask family or friends to help you and you won’t have to waste time maneuvering the heavy piano all day long. Instead, you can use your time to attend to other moving tasks that are more manageable or important.

Looking for a piano mover in Chicago?

If you’re looking for piano movers in Chicago, IL, you should know that not every local moving company is equipped to do specialty moves like pianos. Mighty Moving, however, can handle all types of local moves including piano moves in Chicago. Our crew is professionally trained and highly experienced with moving pianos. Get in touch for a free moving quote or give us a call on 855-699-8999 to let us know how we can serve your local moving needs!

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